Celebrate Your Baby's Milestones

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Your child’s first year passes unbelievably fast. Before you know it, they’re crawling, then standing, then walking. These firsts and special moments sometimes pass so quickly, you don’t have a chance to capture them.

Scheduling regular milestone photo sessions throughout your little one’s first year allows you to have images marking each major change. From holding their head up to sitting to standing and walking, these sessions are the perfect way to capture your baby’s growth and development throughout their first year.

The 3-Month Session

At this age, your baby may have the strength to hold their head up and push up with their arms. They will also have more expressive reactions and smile a little more, making this time the perfect opportunity to follow up your newborn photos with new images. You’ll be amazed at how much your child has changed in those three months!

The 6-Month Session

A few months later, when your baby reaches six months, they may be expert at sitting up on their own and may be attempting a crawl but haven’t taken off just yet. This stage of your little one’s life offers tons of new poses to capture and is the perfect time to book a photo session as it’s midway between their birth and their first birthday. These are my favorite sessions to do as baby can't crawl off the set quite yet, and they are just developing into their little personalities. They are so easy to make smile and are super fun and adorable! I always encourage parents to do a 6 month session.

The 9-Month Session

If you thought your baby was smiley and full of expressions before, check them out at this stage! At this point, your little one should have moved beyond sitting to standing without assistance and even crawling. They may be a little harder to keep up with, but their movements will make for adorable photos.

The One-Year Session

Celebrate your child’s first birthday with a session to mark their shift into toddlerhood! Whether you choose to do a cake smash or more of a portrait session, this a memory you definitely want to capture. Your child will have mastered crawling and standing and may have even begun to take their first few toddling steps. These are such fun sessions, parents always love the outcome!

Capture the memories in an album

There are so many things you can do with images beyond sharing them with family and friends on social media. You can have canvases or prints made to hang in your home or even create an album for each session. Albums are a great way to have a physical copy of the memories that matter most to you and provide you and your child with something to look back on together in the years to come.

For more information about albums and booking your baby's next milestone session, please click here.

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