Maternity Looks

When picking an outfit or style for your maternity session you can never go wrong with what ever type of look you go with. There are different types of looks to chose from, We have shot all types of looks from studio sleek to fantasy style. The style that you pick should represent you as a person, when you do that it brings out your inner glow and brings out that beauty we all love to see.

The first style that you can go with is a gown studio look. When we have a mama book a maternity session with us, We have a catalog for our mamas to look through oof gowns that we have in studio.

Look at this beautiful mama who choose a gown styled session. It sets elegant mood to the session. Some of our mamas say that they feel timeless in our gowns. There are many gowns that will fit all shapes, sizes and skin tones. We pride ourselves here at Rachel Gregory Photography in having gowns that will make all every woman feel beautiful.

The second type of session you can choose is a more casual look. You'd be surprised how many mamas prefer the more casual look of just jeans and a simple bra look.

With this casual look woman feel less pressure to have the perfect hair or makeup. They feel like they can be more like the real them. When you feel more comfortable in what you are wearing, you inner beauty shines. When the beauty shines through we able to capture those perfect moments of you embracing the love for your child you are creating.

For the third style that we see is a sleek studio look. Sleek is a classic look that mamas go with. It's the type of look you would see in a magazine.

The sleek look is a very on trend fashionable look. It's very simple, But makes a strong statement. The sleek look lets us focus on you and that beautiful baby bump.